Asphalt is relatively easy maintenance when it is properly cared for! At Armored Asphalt, we want to provide our clients with every bit of knowledge possible so that you get the longest life possible out of your paved surfaces! We offer all of the maintenance services you will need at affordable rates! Here are steps you should take to prevent deterioration of your asphalt!

1. Regular Inspections. You should walk around your parking lot and look for imperfections like forming potholes, cracks, and pooling water. Print out or draw a rough layout of your parking lot and walk around marking each spot that may be concerning. We recommend doing this once a month especially in high traffic areas. If you think it’s time for a professional inspection give us a call and we can discuss our concerns and come up with a solution!

2. Keep it Clean. It is important to keep your asphalt free of debris, especially around drains as this can cause water to get trapped and cause issues in the future. Sweep, blow off leaves, remove trash, and power wash as needed to keep your asphalt looking great for a long time!

3. Use Caution With Snow and Ice Removal. To maintain the integrity of your asphalt parking lot, we recommend using a professional snow removal company. Improper plowing and harsh ice melts can cause cracks, corrosion, and ultimately deterioration. This goes for any chemicals you may use like weed and insect killer as well.

4. Stay Up to Date on Sealcoating. 

With our two layer sealcoating process, we recommend refreshing sealcoating every 3-5 years. Seal coating helps protect your asphalt from sun damage, corrosion from weather, and grease and oil.

5. Clean Up Chemical Spills. 

Cars can leak all sorts of fluids without anyone noticing right away like oil, gas, or antifreeze. It is extremely important to clean up any chemicals right away to prevent damages.

6. Keep Drains Clear and Maintained.

Every parking lot has storm drains to prevent pooling and flooding. Check each drain regularly to ensure they aren’t full of leaves, trash, and other debris. If you notice they aren’t draining properly, have them serviced immediately.

7. Fill Cracks and Potholes ASAP.

If left unrepaired, a small crack or pothole will continue to grow and cause damage to the foundation of your asphalt. If you notice any moderate damages, reach out to us soon to see when it should be filled!