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Armored Asphalt is a top choice for asphalt repair & maintenance in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. We’re excited to expand our services to include asphalt paving as well. Now that our local contractors have more control over the driveway installation process, we can assure longer-lasting results. It’s much easier to care for pavement long-term when it has been properly paved. Poorly installed asphalt has fundamental problems that start at the base and work their way up. No amount of surface maintenance will prevent bad pavement from crumbling with time. The focus of our driveway paving services is quality and longevity so that you can enjoy your pavement for longer. If you’re interested in a free estimate for asphalt paving in Racine County, Kenosha County, or Lake County, give us a call at 262-515-4150 or contact us online.

Which Driveway is Better?

Asphalt vs Concrete

Whether you’ve just built a new home or want to pave over a gravel driveway, you’re likely deciding between asphalt and concrete options. Which is the better option for you really comes down to two factors – aesthetics and cost. The look of concrete and asphalt differ pretty significantly, with asphalt providing a blacktop surface. Concrete pavements last longer than asphalt pavements. However, the cracks and holes that appear in asphalt are easier and less expensive to repair. Concrete driveway installation & maintenance also costs more than asphalt paving because of the materials and process. If you prefer the look of asphalt and want to avoid a high project budget, contact Armored to get a quote on asphalt paving in your area.


A properly installed pavement is only the first step. If you want to make sure your new driveway lasts, you’ll hire Armored to handle the maintenance & repairs needs of your asphalt too. Trust our asphalt contractors for services including:

New asphalt needs six months to a year before it can be seal coated to protect the surface. Our two-coat sealing process guarantees superior results.

In a few years when climate conditions have started to crack your pavement, we can fill them with rubberized asphalt before they worsen. Filling cracks before they become large will improve the longevity of your pavement.

If potholes start to affect your parking lot, we can patch them up. The sooner you have potholes repaired, the more you’ll save on patching.

In addition to crack filling & sealcoating, our commercial maintenance services include parking lot striping.

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With Armored managing the care of your asphalt, you’ll enjoy a smooth blacktop for much longer. Call us to discuss your asphalt needs!