Residential Sealcoating & Asphalt Maintenance


Armored Sealcoating is proud to say we apply TWO premium coat applications to EVERY job. Most residential seal coating companies will only apply one brush coat on projects because two is more laborious and they feel only one coat is necessary. We like to ensure that our seal coating will serve its purpose for the longest time possible – so we ALWAYS apply 2 coats. This allows for maintenance every 3-5 years instead of the typical 2-3. Save money. Save Time. Save Hassle. AND Get Better Quality!

Your driveway affects the value of your house. Your satisfaction is how we judge the value of our company. Therefore our quality work on your residential seal coating job defines our value and we only accept the BEST. Check out our residential seal coating gallery to see some previous jobs we’ve completed or ask us for referrals.


Proper sealcoating services  will preserve your driveway. It improves curbside appeal, and more importantly, prevents against cracks and corrosion caused by water, sunlight, oxygen, and freezing temperatures. Sealcoating also makes your driveway easier to clean and resist oil stains.

If you’re thinking about residential sealcoating, there are a few factors to consider first:

Choose a Qualified Seal Coating Company

your budget and driveway will benefit most when a reputable seal coating company is on the job. Our professionals will ensure your asphalt is treated at the right time with the best products.

When to Apply Sealcoating

seal coating should never be applied to a freshly asphalted driveway. New driveways need at least 6 months to properly cure. Depending on how well seal coating is applied, your driveway will need to be resealed every 1 – 5 years. The temperature and weather also play a major hand in your sealcoating application timeline. The temperature needs to be above 50 degrees and weather forecast predicting clear skies for at least 2 days.

Is DIY Driveway Sealing Worth It?

it’s often not! Save your energy and avoid the stress of a DIY job by hiring professionals. You’re guaranteed a flawless, long-lasting outcome when Armored Sealcoating provides the service.


Before every sealcoating job, we fill any and all cracks to ensure the strongest surface seal possible. This is another reason our sealcoating services last so long. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience new cracks during the years you don’t have to worry about resealing your driveway. Cracks can be caused by a number of factors, from poor pavement installation to overloading your asphalt with vehicle weight. You should make crack filling & repair a priority every year regardless of whether or not you need sealcoating. Having cracks filled before winter will help stop them from worsening when the freeze-thaw cycles expand and shrink asphalt. This will ultimately help your pavement last longer and you’ll get to avoid pothole repair costs on top of it.

Maintain your driveway and enhance your property with driveway sealcoating services from Armored Sealcoating.


We’re able to boast the best sealcoating services in SE Wisconsin because we’re focused on these important objectives:

Maintaining Low Costs

We pride ourselves on offering low-cost sealing services. More importantly, our commitment to quality will help reduce your short & long-term asphalt maintenance costs as well.

Restoration & Prevention

Our unique process – asphalt repairs followed by two coats of sealant – will restore the aesthetic appeal of your black top and create a tighter seal to help prevent future damage.

Longer Lasting Results

We can’t say it enough, the quality of our sealcoating services offer longer lasting results. Pavements sealed by Armored often last twice as long as those sealed by our competitors.

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