Snow Plowing


You can almost always count on snow in Wisconsin. Slushy, fluffy, glittering snow that covers roads and parking lots over and over again throughout the season. Just as you can count on snow to fall, you can count on Armored for commercial snow plowing in Kenosha & Racine. We know how important a clean and safe parking lot is to the businesses in our area. If snow makes it dangerous or impossible for vehicles to operate on your driveway or parking lot, then staff, customers, and tenants won’t be able to access your building(s). Our professionals work meticulously to get your pavement and sidewalks cleared so that business can continue as usual. We’d be happy to work out a winter contract that fits the needs of your property, fill out the form below or give us a call at 262-515-4150.


Our home base is located in Kenosha. To ensure we can maintain reliable, timely winter services for commercial clients, we’re keeping our snow plowing service area to Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, and Racine. It’s important to arrange a commercial snow plowing contract for your property well before snow begins to fall because the availability of local snow removal companies fills up fast. Our client books open for commercial plowing as soon as autumn starts. We can accommodate parking lots of all sizes and shapes, as well as those that need special considerations in the way of business hours or tenant parking. Office buildings, grocery stores, schools, restaurants, industrial facilities, apartment complexes, and more can trust Armored for top-quality parking lot snow removal. Another service we take seriously is salting. Ice is often the cause of unnecessary injuries; so we thoroughly salt all affected areas after plowing and shoveling to help prevent related slips and falls.


In the spring, summer, and fall, our local pros spend their days focused on the installation & maintenance of asphalt pavements; providing top-quality services including sealcoating, patching & pothole repair, and paving. It’s only fitting that during our down season, we continue caring for pavements by keeping them clear of snow and ice. Caring for pavements in the winter by keeping them clean will help reduce the damage done by water and ice that gets into asphalt cracks. Choose a company like Armored to manage the seasonal care of your parking lot!

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