Armored Asphalt is a local asphalt contractor specializing in paving, maintenance, & repair. Our services are available in SE Wisconsin & NE Illinois. We’ve answered some commonly asked questions about our company and services below. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Yes – we are proud to announce that our team now offers top-notch driveway paving services in addition to asphalt maintenance & repair. We’ve been working with asphalt pavements for many years now and have a complete understanding of the elements that make for a solid foundation (grading, sub-base, binder, asphalt surface, compaction) and how proper installation yields the highest quality results. In 6 – 12 months when your new asphalt has properly cured and settled, invite our contractors to your property once again to seal the surface for the first time. This will add the protection needed to keep your blacktop in good condition for 2 – 3 years before we need to visit again for asphalt repair & maintenance. Contact us to discuss a quote for your new pavement and to get a paving appointment on our books.

We will be the first to admit that there are several great asphalt paving & sealcoating companies operating within our service areas. Which contractor you choose for your driveway or parking lot will depend on a few factors, like availability, cost, quality, and comfort. Whether we are paving a new driveway, filling asphalt cracks, repairing potholes, or sealcoating pavement surfaces, we give 100% on every job, no matter the size. Our local contractors are friendly, helpful, and strive to be your go-to source for asphalt services. We gain life-long customers by providing reliable services and top-notch results on every job we work. Give us a call to see if our schedule, pricing, and communication fit your needs.

Asphalt patching is a popular pavement repair method. Used to repair potholes, severe cracking, and other surface deterioration, patching is a reliable, quick solution that offers long-term results. Our infrared patching services are appropriate for driveway & parking lot repair. Not only is asphalt patching cost-effective, but the repaired pavement can also be driven on almost immediately too. Get a service quote today!

Yes! Our asphalt patching service is the perfect solution for pothole repairs. Whether neglected cracks in your driveway have started to crumble and cave or winter has left your parking lot riddled with holes, asphalt patches can efficiently repair your pavement, reinforcing the integrity of your foundation and leaving behind a smooth surface.

Yes! Take a look at our work gallery to see previous residential and commercial seal coating projects we’ve completed. We’re confident our asphalt maintenance work speaks for itself. Give us a call or get a free quote online after you’ve seen what our contractors can do!

Because we apply 2 coats to EVERY seal coating project, we can confidently say your driveway or parking lot only needs to be resealed every 3-5 years vs. the typical 2-3 years of our competitors. Cracked asphalt should be filled more often to prevent pot holes from forming.

UV rays from the sun, water and ice, gas and oil, and other weather and chemical related ailments all have a negative effect on your asphalt. These things can cause deterioration that leads to further costly damage. Cracks allow water to enter and reach the base. With the up and down weather of the Midwest, the freeze thaw process worsens the effects of asphalt cracks. Seal coating can prevent this damage, give you a clean fresh new look, and protect your investment so you don’t have to replace your whole pavement area. The main goal is to prolong the life of your asphalt.

We recommend the late spring, summer, and early fall months. You want dry, warm weather. The rule of thumb for ideal weather is above 50 degrees. The earlier in the season the better for faster drying times. The early fall can be iffy when it comes to frosting and temperature fluctuation.

48-72 hours. This will be dependent on the time of season and weather during this time. If there is more moisture in the air you will want to wait longer. Once the surface feels dry to touch, you can walk on it (within hours) but you will want to wait to drive on it.

Yes. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, let us know and we will do whatever we can to resolve the issue. We are confident that our seal coating experts will always get the job done right the first time. Read our reviews to see what our customers had to say about our asphalt maintenance services.

Yes, Armored Sealcoating does all the necessary prep work before the seal coat is applied; this includes crack filling. If your driveway or parking lot is cracked or you need patch work, call Armored for service in between your seal coating appointments.

Yes, pavement striping is included in our commercial asphalt maintenance package; along side crack repair and seal coating.

We service all of Kenosha County and the surrounding areas; including but not limited to Racine County and Northern Illinois. Choose Armored Sealcoating for asphalt maintenance in Waukegan, Zion, Pleasant Prairie, Paddock Lake, Burlington, Union Grove, Sturtevant, and Mt. Pleasant!

The earlier fall the better. The closer to winter, the higher risk of too cold of temperatures or too much moisture in the air. We recommend before November. Armored Sealcoating will advise you to the best time and will let you know if weather is compromising and you should wait until next Spring.

Do you offer winter services, like plowing and salting?

No – it is not recommended to seal coat when the temperatures are below freezing and the chance of snow and wet weather is high. You can however make an appointment for early Spring and be one of the first projects on our books for the opening season!

We do! Since seal coating and asphalt maintenance are seasonal services, Armored offers plowing and salting services throughout winter. We provide snow removal for both residential driveways and commercial parking lots throughout Kenosha, Racine, and the northern Lake County area. We have the equipment and man power to handle plowing needs of any size. Give us a call at 262-515-4150 or contact us online for winter services you can rely on!

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