When building a new parking lot or remodeling an existing one, there are a lot of different factors to consider: how traffic should flow, how many spaces your business needs, and, most importantly, laws and regulations you need to follow. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) states requirements that must be followed to allow accessibility for those who are not able bodied. While these laws can vary state by state, here are some of the biggest for Wisconsin. 

  • There are a certain number of handicap parking spots required that varies based on the number of spaces you offer. In most cases, you will need one accessible parking space for every 25 spaces offered. 

  • Handicap Spaces must be 12 feet wide so there is room on both sides of the vehicle for entering and exiting. 

  • Handicap spaces must be as close to the entrance of the building as possible.

  • Designated spaces must have clear signage stating they are for handicap use only. 

  • 1 of every 6 accessible parking spaces must offer a 60 inch aisle for easy access to those who are physically disabled. This is often labeled as “van accessible.” 

  • Accessible spots must be well maintained and cleared of all snow, ice, leaves, potholes, cracks, and anything else that could cause injury to a patron of your business. 

This is just a brief explanation of a few requirements public facilities have to follow. At Armored, we will always help you stay compliant with ADA regulations. Failure to comply can lead to fines and citations. We will help you understand the requirements specific to your business so that you can avoid citations and most importantly keep your customers, clients, and employees safe. Laws and requirements can change at any time, so we recommend staying up to date on all ADA requirements for your business. 

SO what happens if your parking lot isn’t up to code? If your lot was last redone before the requirements changed in 2010, you are safe from any fines or citations. If it has been done since then, you have been lucky up to this point avoiding any issues. Either way, it is time to update your parking lot! While it may not be required, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all of your patrons is the best way to thank them for their loyalty and dedication to your business! 

If your parking lot is in need of an update, it’s time to call Armored Asphalt for a free quote today!