Armored Sealcoating is a Wisconsin Asphalt Maintenance Company offering first-rate parking lot repair & sealing services in Kenosha County, Racine County, and northern Lake County, IL. We work with business owners and property managers on their pavement repair and maintenance needs; ranging from crack filling & pothole repair to seal coating & striping. If you have questions about our services or are interested in getting a free quote, give us a call at 262-515-4150 or contact us online!

Patching & Pothole Repairs

Because winters are so harsh in the midwest, potholes are a serious issue in parking lots with high traffic volumes. When it’s time for pothole repair, trust Armored to complete the job efficiently. We have worked with grocery stores, restaurants, churches, apartment complexes, schools, strip malls, office buildings, and more on their asphalt repair & maintenance needs. During the warmer seasons, we offer hot mix patching services. The damaged asphalt around the pothole will be cut and removed completely. After cleaning the exposed area, we will add a hot asphalt mix that will be compacted flat so that it can be easily driven on once cured. This process ensures a strong bond between pavement layers and the new asphalt; promising long-lasting results. Hot asphalt can’t be used in cold weather, so in the winter, we offer a cold patch method. You’ve probably seen this method on roadways before. Cold asphalt is poured into the pothole and compacted. It is a temporary fix that may need to be reapplied before spring if vehicle traffic exposes the hole again.

Commercial Sealcoating

Our seal coating process offers longer-lasting results when compared to other Asphalt Maintenance Companies. In fact, while most contractors promise asphalt sealing that lasts 2-3 years, Armored’s sealing services last 3-5 years. When you can protect your pavement and go longer between surface sealing, you can reduce maintenance costs – a benefit our customers enjoy. Before sealing your parking lot, we’ll repair any cracks and holes to ensure a superior seal. Once the sealant application has properly dried, we’ll stripe your parking lot and any necessary traffic markers.

Our Primary Service Areas

We’re proud to offer parking lot repair & sealing services in areas including:

KenoshaPleasant Prairie, Paddock Lake, Salem, Burlington, Union Grove, Yorkville, Raymond, Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant, Racine, Winthrop Harbor, Zion, Beach Park, Waukegan, & Gurnee

If you don’t see your location listed above but are interested in Armored for your parking lot care, give us a call to see if we can accommodate you.

Do you have questions about our services? Interested in a free quote? Give us a call at 262-515-4150 or contact us online!