Wadsworth residents, have you ever wondered when the best time of year is to give your driveway or parking lot that crucial sealcoating? Armored Asphalt is here to guide you through the distinct advantages of sealing your asphalt in the heart of the Fall season. Let’s dive into the reasons why.

The Perfect Weather Conditions

Fall in Wadsworth provides just the right climate for asphalt sealing. With temperatures neither too hot nor too cold, sealants adhere better and cure optimally. This ensures:

Consistent application: Fall’s moderate temperatures prevent the sealant from either drying too fast or not drying at all.

Extended work hours: Longer daylight hours mean more time for proper application and drying.

Protecting Against Winter Damage

As the cold Wadsworth winter approaches, untreated asphalt becomes more vulnerable to:

Cracking due to freeze-thaw cycles: When water penetrates asphalt and then freezes, it expands, leading to cracks. Sealcoating acts as a barrier, preventing water intrusion.

Salt and chemical damage: Sealcoating in the Fall ensures a protective layer against winter road treatments that can deteriorate your asphalt.

Enhancing Curb Appeal for the Holidays

With the holiday season around the corner, ensure your driveway or commercial lot stands out:

Fresh, uniform look: A newly sealed surface looks sleek and attractive, giving a polished appearance.

Safety first: A well-maintained surface reduces tripping hazards, making your property safer for guests or customers.

Leveraging Armored Asphalt’s Expertise

When you choose to sealcoat with Armored Asphalt, you benefit from:

Expert application: Our seasoned professionals ensure a smooth, even coat every time.

High-quality materials: We use the best sealants tailored for Wadsworth’s specific climatic conditions.

Personalized service: From assessment to after-care, we provide tailored solutions to ensure your asphalt’s longevity.

Seal Now and Reap the Benefits

So, Fort Atkinson residents, the evidence is clear: Fall is the prime season to seal your asphalt surfaces. By acting now, you not only prepare your driveway or parking lot for the harsh Wadsworth winter but also ensure it remains appealing and functional for years to come. Contact Armored Asphalt today to schedule your sealing service!