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“Armored Sealcoating did a great job sealcoating my mother’s driveway! They were efficient, professional and the driveway looked like new again. Not to mention it was within reasonable budget.. I couldn’t believe how easy and convenient they were to work with! I’d recommend them to anyone and I know we will be using them again.”

Megan, Union Grove, Wi

Armored Sealcoating is Racine and Kenosha’s first choice for asphalt maintenance. If you have a driveway in Union Grove that needs to be seal coated, call our asphalt contractors for reliable, affordable services! Driveways of every shape and size – small or large, straight or curvy, flat or hilly – look better and last longer when they’re seal coated by our pros. Whether you need seal coating for the first time (newly paved asphalt need about 6 months to cure before it can be sealed) or are looking for a better deal on high quality seal coating services, we’re a great choice. Proud to provide competitive pricing, efficient labor, and quality workmanship on every project, the best compliment we can get is a referral. Hearing great testimonials from customers like Megan further fuels our dedication to excellence. Every residential asphalt sealcoating project we work on is important, and we will not call it a job done until it is a job WELL done without question.

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