Armored Sealcoating is proud of our high quality results and friendly customer service. We provide asphalt repairs, maintenance, and installation for residents and business owners of Raymond as well as commercial plowing and snow removal. We value our honesty and dedication to continuous learning so you know you are always getting top of the line results from Armored Sealcoating. For a free, no obligation quote on asphalt services, contact us at 262-515-4150 today!



After spending many years seeing poorly installed driveways and parking lots when we got our start doing asphalt maintenance, we decided to dedicate time to fixing the problem instead of masking it! We are proud to offer driveway and parking lot installation and paving as well as routine maintenance. With Armored, you know you’re getting the best service from kind professionals! For a free quote on our paving services, contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 today!

Asphalt Patching Service Kenosha


Armored Sealcoating is more than just routine maintenance, we also offer patching and pothole repair in Raymond, Wi! Your driveway or parking lot is the first impression people get of your home and business, so take the time to make it perfect! Potholes and cracks are common issues from heavy traffic and daily wear and tear. We also offer cold patching for temporary winter repairs! If your driveway or parking lot needs a bit of love, contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 today for a free quote!



Sealcoating and asphalt maintenance is where we got our start, so it’s always something we love getting to do in Raymond! We use a unique process to extend the life of your seal coating so you don’t have to think about it as often! We recommend seal coating with Armored every 3-5 years, while other companies are 1-2 years. With Armored, you’re getting the absolute best quality for the longest wear! Contact us today for a free maintenance quote at 262-515-4150!

Seal Coating

Asphalt seal coating is our specialty! We are happy to seal driveways & parking lots in Raymond, WI. Our 2-coat sealing method guarantees longer lasting results too.


Asphalt Crack Repair Kenosha

Asphalt Crack Filling


Cracks in your asphalt can be the first sign of serious damage. Filling and repairing cracks as soon as possible will help save you from costly deep repairs later. If left alone, cracks affect the foundation and drainage causing deterioration. Even if you’re not ready for seal coating, we can stop by any time and take care of cracks to keep your pavement looking great! Contact us today at 262-515-4150 for a quote of crack filling and repair in Raymond!

Professional Asphalt Maintenance and Striping

Parking Lot Striping


Utilizing parking lot space efficiently is the best way to maximize parking spaces and keep traffic flowing smoothly. Our team has vast experience in planning the perfect layout for any parking lot! Contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 for a free quote on parking lot design and striping in Raymond, Wi, today!



Armored Sealcoating is here for you all year round with commercial snow removal and firewood during colder months! We offer seasonal commercial plowing contracts in Raymond so you don’t ever have to think about who’s taking care of your parking lot and sidewalks! For more information on our plowing contracts or firewood, contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 today!

Firewood For Sale – Pickup & Delivery in Raymond, WI


Armored Asphalt is a Kenosha Firewood Supplier. If you need firewood in SE Wisconsin, give us a call! We offer hardwood & oak firewood options. Both pickup & delivery are available.

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Commercial Snow Plowing Services

In the winter, we provide snow plowing services. Our professionals are happy to remove snow from commercial driveways, parking lots & walkways. We’ll salt icy areas too. Contact us to discuss our winter services and a snow plowing contract.

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With Armored managing the care of your asphalt, you’ll enjoy a smooth blacktop for much longer. Call us to discuss your asphalt needs!