Armored Sealcoating provides both residential and commercial asphalt installation, maintenance, and repairs to Caledonia, Wisconsin. We got our start in sealcoating and maintenance, then noticed a huge hole in proper asphalt installation and worked hard to fill the gap between high quality installation and high quality maintenance. With Armored, you can trust that you’re getting the absolute best for the lifetime of your driveway or parking lot. If you’re ready for a free no obligation quote, contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 today!



Armored Sealcoating is proud to provide Caledonia with residential and commercial asphalt services. We use a combination of tried and true methods and brand new techniques to give you the highest quality service for all of your asphalt needs. If you’re needing new asphalt poured or to redo an existing driveway or parking lot, contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 for a free quote today!


If done right, your asphalt driveway and parking lot should last you many years to come, but proper installation followed by proper maintenance is the only way to get the best outcome. For more information on our maintenance services in Caledonia, Wi., read below or contact us at 262-515-4150 today!


To ensure your pavement looks its best and lasts as long as possible, regular maintenance is a must. Filling cracks and sealing the surface of your pavement will protect it from damage caused by water, salt, the sun, oil, and more. You can trust Armored to provide the highest quality asphalt maintenance services in Caledonia; including:

Seal Coating

At Armored Sealcoating, we are proud of our unique seal coating techniques so you don’t have to think about asphalt maintenance as often as you would with other asphalt companies in Caledonia. We use a double coat of sealant to provide high quality and lasting results! For a complementary sealcoating quote or to schedule a service, contact us at 262-515-4150 today!

Asphalt Crack Repair Kenosha

Crack Filling

Cracks in your asphalt not only look bad, but they can also lead to severe issues in the future. Cracks can cause poor drainage, foundation problems, and corrosion. As soon as you start to notice multiple cracks, it’s time for a fill! Contact Armored Sealcoating today for a quote on crack repairs and filling in Caledonia!


Professional Asphalt Maintenance and Striping

Pavement Striping

The design and layout of your parking lot can make or break your business in Caledonia. If your parking lot is chaotic it can deter people from visiting your business. At Armored Asphalt, we have many years of experience in parking lot design and striping. If your parking lot needs organization and direction, contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 for a free quote today!


Asphalt Patching Service Kenosha

Pothole Repair and Patching


Potholes are a normal occurrence in asphalt surfaces from normal wear and tear and heavy traffic, but should not be left to worsen. As soon as you notice a pothole forming, it is best to schedule a repair as soon as possible to prevent further and costly damage. If your driveway or parking lot has potholes forming, contact Armored Sealcoating at 262-515-4150 for a free quote and to schedule an appointment in Caledonia Wi. today!




Firewood For Sale – Pickup & Delivery in Caledonia, WI

Armored Asphalt is a Kenosha Firewood Supplier. If you need firewood in SE Wisconsin, give us a call! We offer hardwood & oak firewood options. Both pickup & delivery are available.

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Snow Plowing Services

Armored Sealcoating even has your back in the winter! We provide commercial plowing to business owners in Caledonia and other areas in Southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We offer seasonal snow removal contracts so you don’t ever have to think about snow removal throughout the winter months! Wisconsin snow is heavy and it’s


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With Armored managing the care of your asphalt, you’ll enjoy a smooth blacktop for much longer. Call us to discuss your asphalt needs!