Choosing to pour fresh asphalt is a huge investment and you should feel like you can trust the person you are paying. An improper asphalt installation can cause major issues in the foundation of your driveway or parking lot leaving costly repairs in the future. There are many warning signs to look out for to avoid hiring the wrong contractors. Here is our list of red flags to prevent getting taken advantage of by another contractor:

  • No Insurance. The biggest red flag when choosing a contractor in any profession is no insurance. Liability insurance is designed to protect both the company as well as the clients should there ever be an accident on a job site. Every state has different insurance requirements so check local requirements to know what to look for. 
  • No Licensing. A paving contractor specifically should have a license issued by the state they are providing services in before performing any services. Any licensed contractor should be able to provide a copy of their license without hesitation before being hired.
  • Poor ratings. Using online reviews and ratings is a great way to know how your neighbors feel about various contractors. 
  • Lack of Communication. Some wait time before hearing back from a contractor is to be expected after requesting a quote. These times can vary due to many factors especially if it is a busy season. Give some grace, but if you feel like you’re being ignored it is time to consider a new contractor. 
  • Punctuality. Much like communication, it’s okay to have a little understanding if your contractor is late, however if they are consistently rescheduling, not showing up, or showing up late for appointments it could be a sign of poor quality. 
  • Faulty Equipment. Especially small family owned businesses, not every company is going to have top of the line equipment, but if equipment is falling apart it could equate to a poor installation. 
  • Lack of Knowledge. When you’re investing a large amount of money in something like a driveway or parking lot it is normal to be filled with questions. A quality contractor will be able to answer any questions without hesitation. If they can’t tell you where their materials are from, their process, or their experience it is a huge indicator that they don’t have the best business practices and may not provide quality services. 
  • Oddly Low Rates. No matter what kind of professional you’re looking for, you should always get multiple quotes before choosing a contractor. It may seem like a great idea to pick the cheaper option, but if a quote is dramatically lower than counter bids it could be an indicator that they aren’t as experienced. 
  • Pressure to Book. If a contractor is pressuring you to book a service when giving a quote it is an indication that they are desperate. This could be for many reasons but you should never feel pressured to schedule any services. 

Any one of these red flags (aside from no insurance or licensing) by itself does not automatically mean a contractor doesn’t know what they’re doing. Take into consideration each of these things and remember to interview every contractor prior to starting a project. A properly installed asphalt surface should last at least 30 years if you keep up with maintenance. You should feel confident in the person installing your driveway or parking lot and with Armored Asphalt you can trust that our professionals are going to get the job done right the first time! If you’re looking for high quality asphalt services in SE Wisconsin, contact us today for a free quote and consultation!