Midwestern winters are tough on many things, including your concrete! Especially when the weather is cooling down and warming up, the dramatic changes cause expanding and contracting of the asphalt. All of the added strain can in turn cause the concrete to crack along pressure lines. 

Not only can these cracks be unsightly, they can be detrimental to the structure of your asphalt. When cracks appear, they will continue getting deepers until they reach the foundation which can cause shifting and further costly damage. There is no way to keep the weather away from your asphalt, but there are ways to protect it! Keeping up with routine maintenance like seal coating and plowing is one of the best ways to prevent cracking. When you do start to notice cracks, get them filled as soon as possible. 

Filling cracks is the only way to stop cracks from reaching the foundation. Small cracks are much simpler to fill with a simple sealant, while large cracks will need to be cleared out, prefilled with a substrate, and then filled with a sealant. The larger the crack, the harder it is to fill. Get cracks fixed as soon as you can to prevent costly repairs. When you start to notice cracks and imperfections, contact Armored Asphalt to schedule maintenance today!