When pavement develops cracks it allows things like weeds to start sprouting up through the asphalt. Not only is this unsightly, it also can cause damage to the structure of the road, driveway, or parking lot. To prevent costly damage, here are some of our favorite ways to stop weeds from taking over!

  1. The obvious is weed killer. There are many different kinds of sprays and powders you can get to put in between cracks to kill and prevent weeds from sprouting. These can be effective temporarily, but don’t fix the underlying issues. 
  2. Seal the cracks. There are quite a few options that you can purchase to do this yourself, but for long lasting results we recommend contacting a professional like Armored Asphalt out of Kenosha, Wisconsin to make sure the job is done to last!
  3. Pick the existing weeds immediately. This prevents more seeds from dropping and spreading. 
  4. A simple quick fix is boiling water. Boiling hot water kills weeds instantly on contact making it a cheap and eco-friendly fix. Make sure you pour very carefully to prevent any burns to your skin!

These are all decent ways to temporarily fix a weed problem, but the best route to go would be to get to the root (pun intended!) of the problem and fix the cracks in the surface! Do you want to know what your options are? Contact Armored Asphalt of Kenosha, Wisconsin today to set up your no obligation quote at (262) 515-4150.