Seal coating is a cost effective protective process that involves covering asphalt in a fresh layer of asphalt followed by a thin layer of a coal-tar based sealer. Seal coating has many benefits that help protect and preserve your parking lot. Sun, gas, oil, and the weather all can be extremely damaging to surfaces. Sealcoating acts as a protective barrier to prevent damage from these elements. When asphalt cracks or chips it can continue to get worse as time goes by, filling these in with sealcoating helps stop the damage and prevent costly repairs in the future. Keeping asphalt sealed also helps snow and ice melt faster preventing slips and slides from cars and pedestrians. On top of all of these, sealcoating also gives your parking lot a clean, fresh appearance. 

Armored Asphalt of Kenosha takes great pride in our sealcoating. Our two step process provides stronger and longer lasting results than other professional and DIY sealcoating.   Is sealcoating the best option for you? Call our team today at (262) 515-4150 or contact us online to set up a consultation!