Asphalt driveways are popular in the midwest for many reasons. The smooth blacktop adds curb appeal. Maintaining asphalt is fairly easy and inexpensive when you book the right contractor for sealcoating. Asphalt is durable, less costly to install compared to concrete, and often melts snow faster in the winter compared to other driveway materials. We know asphalt driveways are an investment and our local pros want to help your money go further by helping your asphalt last longer. We use a two-coat sealant method on every job we work. The results often last 3-5 years compared to the 1-2 years other Sealcoating Companies offer. Our books tend to fill up fast, so when it’s time for driveway maintenance give us a call so that we can service your home in a timely manner. Interested in a quote for residential or commercial asphalt maintenance? Contact us!


Controlling cracks is the first step towards increasing the life of your driveway. Cracks that are not filled in by winter will absorb water and expand during the many freeze-thaw cycles Wisconsin properties experience. Neglecting cracks means they will grow, widen, and eventually collapse into potholes. Crack filling is far less expensive than patching which is required to repair potholes. Whether you’ve got cracks, holes, or other deterioration, you can rely on Armored for top-quality crack & pothole repair services. During asphalt season (when the weather is warm and dry), we offer hot mix patching for potholes. This method involves cutting out the damaged area of asphalt, filling it with hot asphalt mix, and compacting the new asphalt flat. In the winter when the hot mix method is not viable, we offer cold patching as a short-term solution.

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