Armored Sealcoating services driveways and parking lots in Pleasant Prairie, WI and the surrounding areas. When cracks or potholes become a problem, you can trust our Kenosha asphalt contractors for high-quality asphalt patching & pothole repair. We’ll make sure any deterioration is properly repaired so that you can enjoy a smooth pavement again. If you’re interested in a patching quote, call us!


Asphalt Patching Methods

We offer two types of asphalt patches. Hot-mix patching is our primary method of pothole repair, it results in a long-lasting patch. The damaged pavement surface will be cut and removed. Hot asphalt mix will be poured in and compacted until the surface is flat and even. It will not be long before you can drive on it again too. In the winter, when the conditions are not right for hot asphalt, we’ll use the cold patching method. Cold asphalt mix will be poured into holes and compacted. Cold patches are only a temporary fix.

Patch or Repave?

We can patch areas 10” – 20” in size. If pavement deterioration is more severe than that, or there is a serious problem with the base or subgrade of your pavement, you may need to repave rather than repair. We’d be happy to evaluate your asphalt cracks and potholes to determine if patching is the most effective solution for your pavement.

Driveway & Parking Lot Maintenance

In addition to asphalt repair, our local professionals are an incredible choice for driveway and parking lot maintenance in Pleasant Prairie. Our two-coat sealcoating process guarantees longer-lasting results. We’ll fill any cracks prior to sealing to ensure a stronger surface. For commercial jobs, we also offer parking lot striping services. Find out what asphalt repair & maintenance costs in your area – call us!