Armored Sealcoating is the best choice for asphalt patching & pothole repair in Kenosha. We offer cost-effective services that meet the highest standards for quality. Our asphalt team will respond promptly to your request for service and give you an accurate quote on your patching needs. We understand the risk potholes pose to parking lot traffic. That’s why we strive to repair your pavement quickly and at a time that is convenient for your business. Get a patching quote for your parking lot today!


We’re proud to serve businesses in Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Bristol, and the surrounding areas with first-class asphalt maintenance services. Our local contractors can help you with:

Pothole Repair

Like roadways, parking lots are more prone to potholes because they experience large volumes of vehicle traffic. Typically, potholes don’t just appear. It starts with a crack or a system of cracks that are stressed by vehicle weight and the extreme temperatures the Midwest experience in winter. Water gets into the cracks, freezes, expands, and pushes the cracks open more. Eventually, the surrounding surface weakens and collapses into potholes. Armored has the right repair solutions for potholes, small and large, and can help you remedy the problem quickly. Our contractors will evaluate your potholes to ensure patching will effectively repair the pavement surface. If repaving is your only option, we will let you know. Get a pothole repair quote in Kenosha – call us!

Crack Filling

Is your parking lot riddled with cracks? While pavement cracks are common and often overlooked as a simple nuisance, they are more serious than that. Depending on the type of cracks your pavement is prone to, it may reveal that the problem is not simple, like changes in temperature that cause the pavement to expand and shrink and ultimately crack under the pressure. It could be an underlying problem that occurred during installation. Lack of support or bonding issues between pavement layers are often the cause of ongoing cracks. For surface-level cracks, we offer crack filling services. A high-grade rubberized asphalt product is poured into cracks to create a barrier that stops water/ice from affecting the base of your pavement. We can provide cracking filling services as often as you need to maintain a stronger pavement surface and prevent potholes. Schedule crack repair in Kenosha today!


A sealed surface helps asphalt pavements resist cracking. Cracks happen most often after surface wear and tear. Damaging elements like water, salt, the sun, and oil will wreak havoc on your pavement if the surface is not sealed properly. Armored’s commercial sealcoating services are second to none. Our two-coat method promises the longest-lasting results, especially when compared to companies that only do one coat of sealant. Rather than having your parking lot sealed every 1-2 years, our sealing results typically last 3 or more years. We can stripe your parking lot too once the sealant has completely dried. Ready to schedule an appointment? Call us!

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