Do you have a pothole problem? We’ve got the solution! Armored’s asphalt patching services are cost-effective and successfully repair potholes large and small. You can learn more about the patching methods we employ below. Serving customers throughout Racine County, we’d be happy to give you an asphalt patching quote for your driveway or parking lot. Call us at 262-515-4150 or fill out our online contact form to schedule asphalt services.

Patch or Repave?

If your asphalt problem is caused by a fault in the base or subgrade of your pavement (from inadequate installation), repaving will be necessary for long-term results. However, when repaving is not necessary, which is often, asphalt patching is a more time- & cost-effective repair solution. It can be used to repair potholes, severe cracking, and other pavement degradation. After evaluating the extent of your potholes, we’ll recommend the proper solution.

Asphalt Patching Options

At Armored, we offer two asphalt patching options. During the winter when hot asphalt is not applicable, we use the cold patches. Cold patching is a quick, inexpensive repair solution. However, it is not permanent, and depending on traffic volume, the holes may open up again and require another patch. Cold patching involves pouring asphalt materials into potholes and compacting the area flat. During the warmer seasons, we use hot mix patching. This process is more extensive and offers a longer-lasting patch. The area around each pothole will be cut out and disposed of. We’ll clean the exposed area and fill it with a hot asphalt mix. The new asphalt is compacted until smooth and can be driven on after a little curing time. We’d be happy to tell you more or to give you a quote on patching – call us!

Choose Armored for Complete Asphalt Care

Our asphalt team excels at driveway & parking lot maintenance. In addition to pothole repairs, we can help you with crack filling and sealcoating too. Make Armored your go-to choice for asphalt maintenance services in Racine, you won’t regret it!

Racine Patching Service Areas

Armored Sealcoating is a reputable SE Wisconsin Asphalt Patching Company. Get a quote on patching & pothole repair services in your area. Our Racine service areas include Burlington, Waterford, Tichigan, Wind Lake, Raymond, Yorkville, Union Grove, Caledonia, Mt Pleasant, Sturtevant, Wind Point, & the City of Racine. We offer top-quality asphalt maintenance services at an honest price. You won’t regret choosing Armored as your contractor!