Choosing a Seal Coating Company for your commercial asphalt is an important decision – don’t waste your money or time with inexperienced, unqualified contractors. Call Armored Sealcoating in Kenosha for a free quote. We’d love to talk to you about your asphalt needs, the products we use, and all the reasons that make us the best choice for your job.

Keeping Your Asphalt Protected & Pavement Investment Low

Armored Sealcoating uses the best crack filling and pavement sealant on the market – and we apply two coats on commercial parking lots and driveways to maintain the condition of your asphalt longer; making resealing necessary only every 3-5 years. Poorly sealed pavement typically cracks more and needs repaving every 1-2 years in comparison. There will clearly be a difference in your maintenance costs when you choose Armored.

What’s Included in Commercial Asphalt Maintenance & Why is it Important

Quality seal coating protects against UV light, salt, water, and oil. Seal coating that is improperly applied will allow all of these elements to breach your asphalt’s base; which commonly causes cracks and pavement corrosion. If this damage is not repaired and properly seal coated, your asphalt problems could lead to repaving – a more costly asphalt service.

Armored Sealcoating designs asphalt maintenance plans based on the specific needs of your pavement – taking into consideration traffic type and frequency, climate effects, and more to make sure your parking lot and driveway looks and functions at its best. Commercial asphalt maintenance includes:

Repairing Cracks – our professionals evaluate your pavement and fill cracks with high-grade rubberized crack-filler in preparation for seal coating. It’s important to note: not all cracks are equal and some may be too severe to properly fill; in these special cases we’ll recommend repaving if it’s the most cost-effective solution.

Seal Coating – your commercial pavement suffers the perils of Wisconsin’s weather more than most; rain, salt, plowing, the freeze/thaw cycle and more affect the look, levelness, and life of your driveway. Seal coating is the best way to protect your asphalt and preserve a good condition.

Parking Lot Striping – no commercial asphalt maintenance plan is complete without striping services. Whether we’ve just sealed your parking lot or your pavement striping needs to be freshened up, Armored Sealcoating has you covered. We’ll help you utilize your space effectively and control vehicle and foot traffic too.

Maintaining Commercial Asphalt Throughout SE Wisconsin & Beyond!

Located in Kenosha, we are in the perfect area to serve commercial customers throughout SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois – from the Waukegan area to Lake Geneva, and throughout Racine County, we have your commercial asphalt maintenance needs covered! Don’t hesitate to call us for a quote – (262) 515-4150

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