In SE Wisconsin, summer & fall are the perfect time of year to go camping or enjoy a bonfire. If you’re preparing for a camping trip, make sure you have enough wood for the campfire. Armored is a reliable source for seasoned, split firewood in Kenosha and the surrounding areas. We have firewood for sale that can be burned to add heat or to cook meals. Keep reading to learn more or contact us for pricing & to schedule firewood pickup.

Firewood Options

At Armored, we have a variety of firewood options for you to choose from. Your first option is a face cord of oak firewood. Oak is good for campfires because it burns long & slow, creating a lot of heat. This is especially true of seasoned oak firewood, which is available at Armored.

Your second option is a face cord of mixed hardwood. You can choose a pre-bundled face cord of mixed hardwoods or you can choose a selection for the face cord yourself. Our mixed hardwood selection includes cherry, maple, hickory, locust, and ash options.

Firewood Delivery & Pickup Available in Kenosha

Give us a call at 262-515-4150 to schedule firewood pickup. Firewood delivery is also available if you are interested. We offer deliveries in Kenosha for a $25 delivery fee. Give us a call to get a firewood delivery quote for elsewhere in SE Wisconsin.